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how to write an invitation letter for various occasions

How to write an invitation letter

Basic Tips

Here you may find different forms of letters and phrases on various occasions. The language of the invitation letter depends whether  it is formal or informal. Generally within the diplomatic communities the formal letter of invitation is used. National Days, Armed Forces Days, Receptions are among those occasions. Informing the members of the community whom you would like to see at your event starts with the initial informal email and then follows the printed invitations. Invitation letters generally begins with those opening sentences below:

Mr. and Mrs XXX , requests the pleasure of the company of …….


Mr. and Mrs XXX,  would like to see Mr YYY and his wife at…….


My wife and I would very much like you to (supper) on Monday.


It is a great pleasure for me to extend an official invitation to you to……


Lets begin with different events and appropriate invitation letter forms for each occasion:


1. How to write an invitation letter for National Day Reception:

The invitation process begins with an email forwarded to all diplomatic community members. It may be accepted as early warning system and due to more common usage of internet it is the most secure way of collecting demands for the event. Here is the sample email for invitation letter of national day reception:

Dear Friends,

Please save the date of XXX(Monday) at 19.00 on the Occasion of the National Holiday of the Republic of XXX

Jan 3rd Constitution Day.

The reception will take place at the Ambassador’ Residence, XXX street Number X

Formal invitation cards have been distributed to your mail boxes.

Hope to see you all!

Now it is time to send the official invitation letter to the recipients:

Here is the printed form of formal invitation letter

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Here you may find another example of invitation letter sent by  email

Dear XXX,

Please be informed that the XXXXX embassy will hold “The 59th Anniversary of the XXXXX  Defense Forces” reception on Wednesday 19th Jan at Ambassador’s residence in XXXXXX.

You are kindly requested to mark this day on your schedule.
Official invitations will be delivered to your mailboxes in when ready.

I’m looking forward to seeing you all.


2. An invitation letter sample for a conference :

Dear sir,

We are honored to invite you to the first international conference-“X”, which will take place at “XXXXXXXXXXXXXX”,  on May 20-23.

We would appreciate if you forward the invitation to all relevant personnel, such as diplomats, ambassadors, military attachés  etc.

The conference will also include different organizations, companies and industries that operate in your country; you are more than welcome to forward this invitation to contact people you believe are relevant.

Conference link

For further correspondence please contact us at E-mail – xxxx@yyy.com , Landline +123456789 or fax +123456789.

3. Informal invitation letter samples 

Dear XXX,

Me and my wife  would like to invite you  for a dinner  at our
house on Friday 17 MAY @ 1930.

Please let me know if the date suits you and I’ll send you the formal
invitation card.

Best regards,


I invite you to join me for English Movie Night.

Movie Showing: Casablanca

Drinks and snacks (Popcorn of course)  

Location: XXXXX Detailed Address  (Map attached)

Time: 1800-2100 (Movie to start between 1830-1900)

Date: Friday 26 April 2011

Dress: Casual

Spouses Welcome

RSVP by email please no later than 19 April 2011


Dear XXXX,

Good afternoon.

Mr. Lee, Second Secretary of the Chinese Embassy  would like to invite you for lunch at your convenience.

Please advice if you can meet him on Dec. 13th at 12:30 at  ZZZZZZ  restaurant.

 Address: AAAAAAAAA.

Best Regards.



I would like to invite you to a

Holiday Wine Cheese Soiree


Sampling old and new world wines and cheese

Holiday turkey dinner


Thursday, 20 December

1930 hours

Casual Dress

Hosted at the home of



 RSVP before 13 December

(TEL) 123456789

or xxxx@yyy.com


Johnson Family cordially invites you and your wife  to a dinner in honor of   J. Johnson’s promotion.

We will celebrate his promotion at  Johnson’s house  at 18:00 on 6th of May  at (Address).

Dress code is casual.

Please  R.S.V.P.  before 3th of May by telephone at 123456789.


The  Diplomatic Community  Club has the honor to announce  annual  Ball on December 6th, between 9:00-11:30 p.m. in the XXX Hotel YYY Salloon. A Local Music Group will perform and DJ. XXX  will be together with us.

Dresscode is formal and the cost per attendees is 250 USD.

Menu for the dinner will be chosen by Community Organization Representators.

Please RSVP by December 1..


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