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Business Letter Format –  Beginning Words :  Addressing and Salutation

The Table below explains how to begin various forms of letters:




Dear Jane,           Dear Lady Howe:       Dear Madam-
Dear Mother,           Dear Mr. Porter:       Dear Mesdames
Dear Friend,           Dear Mrs. Knight:       Dear Sir:
Dear Uncle,           Dear Fellow Member:       Dear Sirs:
Dear Daughter,           Dear Colleague:       Dear Inspector:
Dear Teacher,           Dear Judge:       My Dear Sir:
My Darling,           Dear General:       Gentleman:
Dearest Carol,           Dear Mr. Mayor:       Sir:
My Dearest Carol,           Your Honor:       Sirs:


  • In Business Letters (Formal) after salutation  to put (: ) mark is important
  • In private letters it is better to prefer comma “(, )” after salutation
  • If you are close friends you may write his/her name after  “Dear” ( Dear Jane )
  • If you know him/her personally but don’t feel like close friends you should prefer a salutation like ( Dear Mr. Brown )


Business Letter Format – Closing Words :  Complementary Closing

The Table below explains how to close various forms of letters:




Affectionate, Devotedly yours, Sincerely yours,
Affectionately yours, Faithfully yours, Yours faithfully,
Love, Most sincerely, Yours respectfully,
Your affectionate father, Respectfully, Sincerely,
Fondly your pal, Very respectfully yours, Yours sincerely,
With all my love, Very sincerely yours, Truly yours,
Your loving Dad, Kind regards, Yours truly,
 All the Best, As ever, Yours very truly,


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