Email Etiquette – What You Need to Know

Observing Email Etiquette is to Your Advantage In today’s era of modern technology, people are complaining now more than ever about the lack of professionalism in office communications, primarily the lack of business email etiquette. “What is email etiquette?” you may be asking. It’s the professionalism of electronic...
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How To Prepare a Formal Invitation for Any Occasion

Formal Invitation
Chances are, at some point in your career or personal life, you will need to be involved in formal invitation writing for an event. Perhaps you’ve just been asked by your boss to prepare formal event invitations for an upcoming company dinner, and you’re in panic mode. You’ve...
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Writing a Good Cover Letter

Check List for writing a good cover letter Rejected job applicants are learning the hard way that a good cover letter should be included so recruiters can see how well the applicants can present themselves. Qualifications and capabilities are not everything because recruiters are looking for some personality...
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Cover Letter Tips

  How to Write a Cover Letter  A cover letter is your opportunity to sell yourself to a potential employer. It’s also an opportunity to demonstrate your ability to communicate and highlight the most relevant information from your resume. An important aspect of your cover letter is how you...
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Recommendation Letter Samples

  Recommendation Letter Sample No:1 To whom it may concern,                                                             Oslo, September 6, 2007 As manager of Opera Software’s QA Services and Documentation team, I was Joen P. Olsen’s supervisor for little over a year until December 2006. While on my team, Joen worked as a technical support consultant...
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Student Cover Letter

How to write a Student Cover Letter: Before applying for a job, I was aware that I had to write a student cover letter. But never did I comprehend how crucial was this letter going to be, in getting my desired job. During my final years in college, I...
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Thank You Letter Format

Thank you!
Thank you letter format Opening Sentences Thank You Letter format and most common phrases   -I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for…   – Thank you for your ………   – It / is/ was / very kind of you to …………..   –...
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Letter of Application and Letter of Enquiry

Letter of Enquiry
  . Letter of Application Opening Sentences -I wish to apply for something to do something -I would like to apply for being someone…. something – With the reference to , I write to you in the hope that you may be able to (offer me a position as...
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